Mixed Game Pack

Mixed Game Pack

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A very diverse game 6pack with great games for everyone! In...

A very diverse game 6pack with great games for everyone! In this pack you will find 3 puzzle games, 2 action/strategy games and a racing game!

Core Salvage: PuzzleYou are the infamous captain of the Stellar Cruiser Centennial! Your mission might seem simple but is quite difficult in the long run.

The objective of the game is to get in your craft and clear all the viral seeds in the ships core! Core Salvage has 35 wonderfully-designed levels, cool stereo music and sound effects!

Park a Lot II: PuzzleYou are Parker, the valet attendant. How fast can you park all those cars at the mall without crashing them? Become Parker, the valet attendant, and find out.

It ain't easy being Parker! Youda Conqueror: PuzzleFeel what it is like to conquer the world! Youda Conqueror offers bubble shooter like you have never seen before!

Feel what it is like to conquer the world! Youda Conqueror offers bubble shooter like you have never seen before. Youda Conqueror is a truly historic game.

All kind of upgrades and power ups will make you dazzle! ! ! Splash and Dash: RacingSplash and Dash is a state-of-the-art racing game were you compete on the track against 9 other racers!

Upgrade your racecar with prize money, so that you can buy cool spoilers, tires and engines! You can also choose from over 32 different custom colors to personalize your racecar!

Oh, and don't forget to stop by the tuning area to muscle up your ride! Time Fighter: Action/StrategyYou are a time fighting pilot; fighting aliens that are attacking the world in via air, land and sea.

The greatest battle of our planet begins. Our earth needs you desperately! Prepare yourself for this time-traveling attack! A Time Portal secretly invented by the great Leonardo da Vinci, will send you into the future to help fight the battle in 5 different periods in time.

Be prepared for the weather! You may encounter snow, lightening, rain and tornados, Tornados can blow your plane out of control causing you to spiral off in the direction of the wind!

The Bank Robber: Action/StrategyIn The Bank Robber, you are an ex-convict that is putting together a team that will help you play out the crime of the century!

You will be planning a massive bank heist that could possibly set you and your partners up for life! Choose from 12 high security banks and try to escape home-free with the money!

In this enthralling game, you will gather your gang of thugs, were each thug will have his or her own specialty, and take on the big banks and the highly-trained SWAT teams!

You will have to select the best team and give them the most efficient tools for the job. If you have the right gang and the right tools, your job will be easier and you can leave the bank alive, free and RICH!

Robbing a bank isn`t easy. You will need to plan the job, disable the security, avoid the guards and sneak your way into the fault. Be sure to stay alert, because jobs will become harder over time!

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